About Us

Bill and Lana

Hello, my name is Bill and my wife’s name is Lana. We’d like to take this moment to share some thoughts about us. We are in our early to Mid-60’s, pre-retired if you will, but honestly retirement isn’t who we are nor whom we want to be. We enjoy staying and being active.

Bill was born and raised in a big city, and Lana is more of a Country girl. We’ve had various jobs throughout our adult life. Food Service, Industry, Financial, Transportation, and Sales. All of which We enjoyed, but they were JOBS. As our Golden years approached, we knew we didn’t really want to retire, as defined by traditional retirement. We wanted to continue to be active and productive. What were we going to do to achieve our goal of being semi-retired?

We thought long and hard on that, along with some prayers. We figured God would open doors, provide answers, and reveal opportunities for us, so we waited and trusted on the Lord. Three years ago, our prayers were answered. With some encouragement and inspiration from God and some friends, we decided to become proactive in the dog/puppy business. A stay-at-home business on 2+ acers of land and the love of dogs were a few of the deciding factors that came into play in our decision-making process to start our very own family business.

So, that is how “Hall of Fame Puppies” came to be! It’s a thrill and a blessing for us, along with some heartaches and tears, to be able to offer you the product of our efforts, “puppies”. Puppies are that little bundle of joy that brings smiles to your faces and leave impressionable paw prints on your heart. The true joy is that we get to love each and every puppy that passes through our life, even if it is, just for a short while.

We are blessed. We believe that it is meant to be, to meet each of you, and pass on the love that God has intended for you. Pay it forward if you will. There is no greater joy!  Today, we have a home full of happiness with the dogs that share our lives with us. Our hope is that one of our dogs/pups will bless you with love, friendship, and a fulfillment of all your expectations, with many of the happiest days of your life yet to be experienced!

God Bless,

Bill & Lana Akison